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We offer a free initial consultation. If you are a potential new client, please contact us to arrange for an appointment to find out if Stout Law Firm can help you. A legal matter can have a huge impact on your life, which is why attorney James Stout is immediately available to assist you. You may be furious about being wronged, or you may have been sued and are scared and wondering what to do. We offer initial consultations by telephone, in person or Zoom.

Attorney James Stout passed three state bar exams.

Attorney James Stout has never been sanctioned by a California court.

Attorney James Stout has never sued a client.

Stout Law Firm pays referral fees to attorneys. We also handle cases on referral from, or in association with lawyers across the United States. We are not transactional attorneys; we litigate only. Attorneys not regularly practicing in family law or probate litigation, or are transactional attorneys, have trusted us with the referral of friends, family and clients. If you are interested in referring a case to Stout Law Firm, please contact us.

Stout Law Firm refers cases to other attorneys for a fee.

James Stout, Esq.

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Probate, Family, Real Estate Fraud, Financial Elder Abuse


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California: 179458, Nevada: 23014, Arizona: 8680. Currently practicing in California and Nevada only.

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