Supreme Court Hearing on Nevada Foreclosure Mediation

I just returned from attending a public hearing where the Nevada Supreme Court entertained questions and comments from a variety of people in the audience regarding the new Mandatory Foreclosure Mediation Law. Barbara Buckley, the Assembly Speaker who authored the law, praised the hard work of the Supreme Court and “looked forward to her further involvement” with the Bill. The Supreme Court was very helpful and expressed a sincere interest in assuring the Program runs effeciently.

Whether or not the Supreme Court is considering amending AB 149, the Nevada Mandatory Foreclosure Mediation Law, to include homeowners who are not yet in default, was the most popular question, and the Court suggested that they would consider it. I hope that they expand the law to include rental units, homeowners in various stages of default or not even in default, and even commercial forelosures.

The Court confirmed that the Mediation Program would be up and running by August 1, 2009.

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