A new global survey finds that only 36% of Americans see corporations as a source of ‘hope.’ In China it’s 84%

Lake Forest Child Support LawyerThe U.S. public is divided on whether corporations are a source of “hope” (36%) or “fear” (37%). In China they have far fewer concerns, with 84% saying corporations are a source of “hope.” More than half (51%) of the U.S. public says “strong and influential” corporations are “bad,” even if they are promoting innovation and growth. In China 74% embrace strong corporations as “good” according to the WSJ.

Corporate CEOs risk being seen as more feared than loved. In key markets, CEOs are widely seen as the most powerful people in society. In the U.S., 47% of the public says CEOs are “among the most powerful people in society,” with 43% in Germany and 42% in the U.K. Power is one thing, but respect is harder to find. In the U.S. only 9% of the public says corporate CEOs are “among the most respected” in society, with 11% in Germany and just 5% in the U.K.

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