Let's indulge in American resentment


Americans feel bad. The system failed them. They are pissed.

Just for a moment, feel the anger. It feels good to close your eyes and think how America let you down. It is America’s fault that Europe failed. America’s economy will never fully recover. The damage is irrepairable. Our leaders ran for the hills. Our local churches don’t help. People are unfriendly. Americans are not nice to each other when they are in a supermarket. They give you mean looks when you accidently cut them off on the freeway. They honk if you are going too slow. They are unpleasable. They are rude. They are arrogant. Americans are unhappy right now.

But that is the American depression and anxiety talking. That’s really not real. That’s not true. Think about it. The American economy will never recover? Come on. It will. Things always change. It has to.

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