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James Stout, Esq.


James Stout has practiced law in Orange County since 2009 and is highly regarded by the business community. He is a member of the Orange County Bar Association, the Family Law Bar Association and the Immigration Bar Association.


For over 22 years in practice as a litigator, James Stout is a tenacious and powerful attorney when representing his clients. The Stout Law approach is to:

  • Expedite your matter in an efficient manner to save you time and money.
  • Respond to all communication promptly and keep you up-to-date on status.
  • Rigorously represent your interests to achieve the highest and best legal outcomes.

James Stout has an impeccable record. He has never been sanctioned by a California court. Before hiring any attorney, always check with the California State Bar to see if he/she has any sanctions against him/her.


  • Juris Doctor Law Degree
  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences Economics
  • California Certified Assisted Living Administrator
  • LEED Certified United States Green Building Counsel

James Stout passed three State Bar Exams which, in addition to California, includes:

  • Nevada┬áState Bar (inactive)
  • Nevada Federal District Court (inactive)
  • Arizona State Bar (inactive)


Attorney James Stout is a member of the following courts:

  • California Supreme Court
  • California Court of Appeal
  • California Superior Courts
  • California Northern United States District Court
  • California Central United States District Court
  • California Eastern United States District Court

Client references provided on request.