Bank of America will ask judge to narrow scope of Nevada’s claims

Bank of America filed a request to the U.S. District Court in Nevada for a case management conference to simplify what it sees as an opened ended case leading to “unprecedented breadth and complexity” for the case of Nevada v. Bank of America. Statements in the request amount to little jabs against Nevada’s Attorney General, Masto’s judgment.

Nevada sued bank of America for violations steming from improper marketing of mortgages, predatory lending, illegal securitization and assigments, failure to modify the loans, and finally, wrongful foreclosure. A virtual claim that Bank of America defrauded Nevada from beginning to end.

Bank of America has retained the 94th attorney ever to have practiced law in Nevada. Perhaps, the most elderly Nevada practicing attorney- and with that comes experience.

Nevada Attorney General, Masto served 73 requests for information to BofA, Countrywide and six other defendants that BofA claims were not parties to the consent judgment they allegedly violated, according to the court filing. No doubt Masto will issue hundreds if not thousands of subpoenas before thise case is over. Expect hundreds of video taped depositions, and increasingly sarcastic pleadings as opposing counsel rat each other out in front of a testy judge- don’t take it personally!

Masto sought information on documents relating to servicing procedures for “potentially tens of thousands” of borrowers.

“The price of pursuing a complaint that by (Masto’s) own admission covers virtually every corner of the American mortgage industry is acceptance of a case management regime that accounts for its scope,” BofA said in its filing.

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