California lags recovery from the Great Recession


Most Recession-Recovered Cities
1. Laredo, TX
2. Irving, TX
3. Fayetteville, NC
4. Denver, CO
5. Dallas, TX
6. Corpus Christi, TX
7. Minneapolis, MN
8. Lubbock, TX
9. Garland, TX
10. Raleigh, NC

California and Arizona pulled up the rear, with the least recovered cities.

Least Recession-Recovered Cities
141. Riverside, CA
142. Tempe, AZ
143. Glendale, AZ
144. Tucson, AZ
145. Cape Coral, FL
146. Detroit, MI
147. Modesto, CA
148. Newark, NJ
149. Stockton, CA
150. San Bernardino, CA

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