Pros and Cons of Never Getting Married

A new report by the Pew Research Center predicts that as many as one in four millennials will never get married, in part because they aren’t as financially stable and in part because they don’t regard marriage as highly as did their parents’ generation. Here are some pros and cons of never getting married accordingContinue reading “Pros and Cons of Never Getting Married”

Record number of Americans will never marry

After decades of declining marriage rates and changes in family structure, the share of American adults who have never been married is at an historic high. In 2012, one-in-five adults ages 25 and older (about 42 million people) had never been married,according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of census data. In 1960, onlyContinue reading “Record number of Americans will never marry”

Marriage still declining

The share of Americans ages 18 and older who are currently married inched downward in 2013, to 50.3%, compared with 50.5% in 2012, according to Pew Research Center calculations from the 2013 American Community Survey. Singles make up more than half of the population in 27 of the 50 states. And the share of singleContinue reading “Marriage still declining”

Evangelical Christians more likely to cheat on spouses

Having faith doesn’t necessarily mean you’re faithful… to your spouse. A new survey conducted by Ashley Madison — a dating website for people already in relationships — sought to discover the link between religion and infidelity by asking 105,000 of its members about their religious affiliation according to the Huffing Post. It turns out, one in fourContinue reading “Evangelical Christians more likely to cheat on spouses”

One fifth of South Koreans marry a foreigner

Last year over a fifth of South Korean farmers and fishermen who tied the knot did so with a foreigner states The Economist . The province of South Jeolla has the highest concentration of international marriages in the country—half of those getting married at the peak a decade ago. In those days, the business ofContinue reading “One fifth of South Koreans marry a foreigner”