Same Sex Marriage- by now you’ve stated your opinion

Everyone in the world was asked if they were for or against same sex marriage. The inevitability of same-sex marriage now is a given. What will it mean? Like most heterosexual marriages today, most gay marriages will end in divorce, and the divorces will be the pretty much the same- gay couples will be justContinue reading “Same Sex Marriage- by now you’ve stated your opinion”

How to Live Unhappily Everafter

An excellent Article appeared today in the New York Times. “I just want to be happy.” I can’t think of another phrase capable of causing more misery and permanent unhappiness. With the possible exception of, “Honey, I’m in love with your youngest brother.” In our super-positive society, we have a zero-tolerance policy for negativity. ButContinue reading “How to Live Unhappily Everafter”