Countrywide Class Action Lawsuit Nevada

STOUT LAW FIRM filed a Class Action Complaint Against Countrywide in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are in or facing foreclosure and have a Countrywide mortgage, you may be eligible to join the lawsuit. Call STOUT LAW FIRM at (702) 794-4411. Click Here for the Countrywide Class Action Complaint.

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  1. I was one of the first in a group of home owners to loose their home due to countrywide. I was just at the beginning of divorce proceedings when I first tried working with countrywide. Up to that point I had never been late with my mortgage payments, but knew that even though my ex had been court ordered to continue making half the payments that he would not do so. I contacted countrywide and explained the situation. I was told that even though I had good enough credit to have the loan refinanced so that I could afford to make it on my own that they could not do anything until it actually became a problem. I was confused…I eventually got in touch with the main office in Texas and worked with them on a weekly basis. I kept them up to date on everything that was going on legally and financially. The loan I had was due to go into a variable loan within a little over a year, but still countrywide would not do anything to help me, therefore over that period of time, without any financial help from my soon to be ex-spouse i was not able to make the loan payments every month. countrywide kept telling me that I shouldn’t worry, that when the loan changed over they would be able to help. I had never been in this type of situation before and felt I had no choice but to believe them. I now know that they were only stalling, waiting for the court to make the final divorce judgement and for the loan to go into a variable loan. I never received papers telling me the house was going into foreclosure. I received one letter stating that foreclosure proceedings were being considered. The same day I received that letter I called both the people that had sent the letter, ad countrywide and was told by both parties that my home was “not” in foreclosure, and even if they were to start proceedings it could take as much as six months. It appears that this was approximately around the same time that countrywide was starting to do something with Bank of America. I personally never had any dealings with B of A. Two days after I last talked with countrywide and was assured that foreclosure proceedings had not started there was a lock put on my door. At that time I was working with a realty company who had advised me to start moving my belongings from the home because they had a serious potential buyer…if I had not moved some of my things I would have lost everything. I still don’t know what happened to the rest of my things. I do know that countrywide bought a second that we had on the house for approximately 22,000.00 so that the house could be sold. I know what they sold it for and what was actually owed on the house including the second, and there was quite a difference money wise. I don’t know however, what happened to that money. I feel that i should be part of any class action suit brought against countrywide, and would appreciate a response from you regarding this matter.

    My name is angelamaria K. Duff and i can be reached at 251-753-0176, or


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