County’s complexity captures community concern

January 19, 2017 womens-march-orange-county

Americans are awaiting the most wonderful shake-up, concurrently with chaos and ruin.

Surveys show that business confidence has soared. A boom in domestic spending should follow which, combined with investment in infrastructure and a programme of deregulation, will lift the economy and boost wages. Coincidently, Mexicans feel uncertain. Their prosperity and goodwill matter greatly to Southern California. They are protesting en las calles their own president coexisting  with blame against America for rising gasoline and water prices.

Many American women remain worried that there will be a new age of sexism and misogyny. Contemporaneously, many women believe progressive policies are largely hidden from view and disguised under the banner of “women” and support America’s new direction.

Elites claim the world is enjoying an unprecedented level of wealth, comparitively, many people feel that is not working for them and backlashed against globalisation, liberalism, and free trade.

Stress soars 39% among some Americans who fear the future, by contrast, a mere 4 percent report extra stress caused by the future. To the contrary, 31 percent in this group say the hope of the future decreased their usual stress.




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