If you were denied unemployment benefits after losing your job, we will file an appeal and attend the hearing on your behalf. Low flat fee.

Laid off or fired Las Vegas workers deserve unemployment benefits.

Unemployed workers are eligible to receive unemployment benefits under certain conditions
established by law.

The Employment Security Division of the Department of Employment,
Training and Rehabilitation is the agency designated to determine eligibility and issue checks.

To receive unemployment benefits an unemployed person must:

1. File a claim with the Telephone Claim Center or access the Internet Claim
Filing System @

2. Be physically able to work.

3. Be available and willing to accept suitable employment if offered.

4. Make a reasonable and sincere effort to find a job.

5. Be unemployed through no fault of your own and meet all other conditions
of the law regarding unemployment benefits.

Some reasons you may not qualify for unemployment benefits are:

1. If you quit your last job or next to last job without good cause.

2. If you were discharged from your last job or next to last job for misconduct in
connection with your work.

3. If while receiving unemployment benefits you refuse an offer of suitable work
without good cause.

4. If you give misinformation or withhold information concerning the reason for
your separation from your last job.

5. If you fail to properly report wages earned by you regardless of amount.

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  1. The Reason Nevada is the Unemployment Capital of the Country is because it’s elected officials only respect the Gaming Industry. All of the rest of these privately on businesses know they can come set up shop here in Nevada and no ones care if the don’t pay their employees an hourly wage. Most any type of job here in Nevada that is a non City, State or Government job has No real set of rules. Nevada is an “At Will” State which means these private companies don’t have to have a “Real Reason” to fire you! AND no one really cares. People come and go here so often that no one cares about what’s really going on so these private business owners love coming to Nevada and setting up these phony phone rooms to make a quick buck and hire a bunch of people, work them to death on commission or minimum wage and then shut down or better yet start bouncing pay checks all over town!! No one goes after them, but the honest tax paying employees get left holding the bag. Then if you are able to find a job that you can file for unemployment benefits after they let you go for whatever “At Will” reason they choose the Nevada (Detr) Department sides with the Employer since they are paying for Unemployment Benefits/Taxes and the Employees don’t. Nevada needs to take a look at what it is Doing Wrong for a change because people are getting sick and tired of being sick and tired and left out in the cold!!! Get It Together Nevada!!!!

  2. Nevada is a Joke. You come here to find work get a job they lay you off and you are denied unemployment benefits. You struggle along find another job they fire you because you can’t sell enough of their low quality products fast enough. Find another job and they lie to you and tell you they are going to promote you and give you a raise after 2 weeks of working there. Put your in an office where you are forced to do the work of 2 people and when you complain about not getting your raise they start writing you up to start a paper trail on you so they can block you from getting any unemployment. You end up losing your place and have to get kicked out on the street because you can’t find a job and denied unemployment. What is wrong with this picture??? Now you are homeless and living out of your car…what purpose did this serve??? Nevada sets you up to FAIL!! No wonder so many people here are on drugs to escape this game playing bullshit with honest hard working people’s lives!! Get It Together Nevada!!

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