Divorce cases on rise in Dubai

DubaiDubai Statistic Centre show a dramatic increase of 40 per cent in the number of divorces in Dubai from 2011 to 2013. The numbers show that 896 divorce certificates were issued in 2011. The number increased by 25.56 per cent to 1,125 in 2012, and by another 11.56 per cent to 1,255 in 2013. While Dubai is often described as a melting pot of nationalities, the growing number of mixed marriages is no surprise. Just the same, the number of divorces between non-Emirati couples has shown to be the highest category, contributing to the overall increase of divorce rates in Dubai.Divorce cases between non-Emirati couples have grown by 61.57 per cent from 2011-2013.

“Divorce rates are on the rise,” confirmed Dr Mary John, Clinical psychologist at Dubai Clinical Health Centre. “One of the most common reasons for the increase in number of divorces, especially between young couples, is the lack of social support network,” she said. She explained that while many expat couples move to Dubai for work opportunities, they leave their support systems, family and close friends back home. As a result, many couples do not receive the right type of advice and guidance they need when facing marital problems and deal with the problem incorrectly. “The real dangers lie when friends start to give the wrong type of advice, and couples are under pressure,” said Dr John.

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