Don Sterling is addicted to buying apartments and the NBA is already regretting

Orange County DivorceWhile the NBA gloats over its “swift and decisive action” to condemn Donald Sterling, he may have the last laugh.  Under California family law, Sterling’s wife is half owner of the Clippers and she refuses to sell the team.  Her “rights” will supersede that of the NBA since California law strongly favors spouses rights over those of a third party even when the family court rulings have devastating affects on third parties, which is almost always. She will argue that she should not be held responsible for the actions of her husband. The NBA “has sent signals that it is uncomfortable with Shelly Sterling’s continued presence in the organization. The league let her know that it would prefer that she not attend playoff games Friday and Sunday at Staples Center against the Oklahoma City Thunder, said the NBA source. But league officials privately acknowledge that they do not know how they can prevent her from attending.” The NBA is afraid of her. 

On another note, Sterling is a self admitted “apartment buying addict”.  That’s right, he is addicted to buying apartments in Los Angeles.  During the real estate crash, he kept buying apartment buildings in LA at “reasonably high” prices and single-handedly kept the LA apartment building market from crashing.  He frequently closed the deal personally and met with the apartment building owners and was described as “charming” buy some sellers.

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