NBA liable for elder financial abuse: Donald Sterling may have dementia

Donald Sterling's Brain
As a result of him being 81 years old, it’s obvious that Donald Sterling lacks the capacity to make competent decisions that affect his finances. The NBA could be liable for violating Welfare and Institutions Code section 15610.30(a) which states: Financial abuse of an elder adult occurs when: a person or entity takes or obtains money through undue influence. Here, the NBA took 2.5 million dollars from Donald Sterling by force. Some criminals prey on seniors, who are vulnerable because of diminishing physical or mental facilities. Criminals may attempt to steal a senior’s money.

“The most universal sign of early dementia is not memory loss, but personality change,” said Dr. Igor Galynker, associate chairman of research at Mt. Sinai Beth Israel in New York City, who has written several papers on dementia. “Two basic characteristics not related to memory are apathy and indifference or callousness. People become withdrawn and disinterested in other people to the point of being rude.”

The most effective line of defense against elder abuse remains seniors themselves. By resisting taking time to make decisions, and – most importantly – discussing personal matters with trusted friends and loved ones, seniors can often prevent many forms of elder abuse. Donald Sterling did not discuss his crazy Magic Johnson or other racist statements with a trusted confident prior to stating them.

Barbara Walters has weighed in on Sterling’s health after his estranged wife said that she thinks he has dementia. ‘I won’t use the word dementia- I’m not a doctor,’ Barbara Walters said on Good Morning America today. ‘I did find him very vague and confused by certain things so I could see that someone could get that impression.’

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