Five simple ways to make a divorce last for generations

Many who file for divorce foolishly believe that they will eventually get over their divorce.  That believe is often untrue.  If one of the divorced tries hard enough, with a little luck, your divorce can last for generations:

1. Put your divorce in your will.  Condition your inheritance to your children and grandchildren only if they renounce your ex.  I will give you my house if you promise to never spend another Christmas with your grandfather.

2.  Make a life long commitment to seek revenge against your ex.  Make a personal vow to get back at your ex at every opportunity.  The best opportunities are at your children’s weddings, birthday parties and the birth of your grandchildren.

3. When your grandchildren come along fight over them.  Tell you ex that you need to go to a “co-grandparenting class together”  just like the old days!  

4. Make amends with your ex and than turn on them.  Tell your ex it’s time to move on, bury the hatchet, be friends “for the kids and grandkids”.  Wait a few weeks than reignite the hatred against your ex with a nasty text or email.

5. Start an altercation with your ex’s new partner. Hate your ex’s new partner and their kids.  When you meet your ex’s new partner treat them with disrespect, be rude and flat out mean to them.  Hopefully your ex’s new partner will pass your anger on to their kids. That’s right- you can pass down your divorce vibes to your ex’s step kids. They are innocent but divorce knows no boundries. Remember when your ex used your kids as pawns?

These are just a few pointers to keep the institution of divorce alive for as long as possible.  Good luck with your divorce.

This is satire!!!!!!

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