Greece considers running away from its Euro-parents

The world cannot fix the Euro-crises. Europe’s failure will impact the United States. It has decreased the price of gasoline. The Dow Jones has dropped. It may determine the next U.S. president. It may slow down the local economy. You may talk to someone about it this weekend. It may affect your marriage.

You want us to pay back our loans? well guess what, not only are we defaulting, but we’re leaving and forming our own country- just like America.

Greeks may vote in a government that chooses to leave Europe. Bankers in Greece are praying that won’t happen. Leaving the euro is a nightmare; the economy would instantly revert to barter.

The Euro-crises is made by people. It is not the result of natural cycles in global temperatures. It was created by the people in Europe. It is their fault. They caused it. Only they can fix it.

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