How could Irvine's Great Park get screwed up so badly?

The Great Park IrvineNo one is surprised that the Great Park failed. The typical OC resident’s response to the Great Park’s failure is “I told you they wouldn’t be able to do it.” It was obvious from the get go that the the Great Park money designated to fund the Great Park, instead of going to build it, would be funneled into generation skipping trust accounts so that the grandchildren of those in charge of the funding wouldn’t have to work.

Consultants at Forde & Mollrich, one of the biggest names in Irvine’s decade-long Great Park saga, were issued a subpoena this month demanding they turn over a litany of records to the city’s forensic auditor, including: receipts, checks, invoices and correspondence, among other documents.

The likely unprecedented city-issued subpoena, issued May 2, is part of an investigation into the finances of a 1,300-acre project that at one point was envisioned as Orange County’s rival to New York’s Central park, but has instead become a poster child for big-money government boondoggles according to Voice of OC.

Forde & Mollrich has been a longtime lightening rod for Great Park critics due to its former no-bid $100,000 per-month public relations contract.

Surprise Surprise, the contract to build the so-called Preview Park, which includes the iconic orange balloon, jumped from over $1 million to over $7 million, five times the original amount.

“We have been in contract with the lawyers and have been responsive.”

Lalloway said the forensic investigation will probably wrap up by this summer.

Yeah right.

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