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“Ingobernable” stars Kate del Castillo as a Mexican first lady who is on the run following the mysterious death of her husband, the president. The title, means “ungovernable”.  It is shot and produced in Mexico City (English subtitles available), by a Mexican firm that has made a string of successful telenovela soap operas.

It is super Mexicany, but super modern Mexican- with LED flashing police cars, Mexican rap music, and flat screen monitors.  It’s got the edge of an American ghetto movie, keeping true to Mexico’s history of extortion, ransom and abject poverty.  It’s realistic enough to keep you believing.  Lots of passionate Latin sex scenes if you’re into that.

In addition to the issues that can be expected from corruption at the state and police level, sexuality, female empowerment, homosexuality, piracy, the role of domestic employees in the lives of the powerful and human rights issues are also explored. You will see a Mexico that is more real and different from all the stereotypes we have.

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