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Welcome to Nevada Foreclsoure Mediation. This blog is published by Stout Law Firm to help troubled Nevada Homeowners facing foreclosure. Stout Law Firm specializes in Nevada Foreclosure Mediation and Mortgage Litigation.

Foreclosure Mediation is designed to assist defaulting homeowners and lenders in reaching a satisfactory resolution.

Meet face to face with your lender. 

If you want to stay in your home, Mediation may result staying in your home and it also affords the lender the opportunity to avoid foreclosure costs and carrying charges and reduce the number of non-performing loans in their portfolio.

If you are upside down on your mortgage and want to Walk Away from your home, Mediation may result in preserving your credit and prevent your lender from suing you for a deficiency judgment after your home is sold. It affords the lender the opportunity to avoid prolonged foreclosure and expensive eviction.

Free Foreclosure Consultation for Homeowners.

Do you own commercial property? Personal Guarantee? We can help you negotiate with your commercial lender.

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