John Travolta will clean their clocks

Two grown men have now sued John Travolta claiming he hit them up for sex. Sexual misconduct allegations are most often designed to extort. Here, the first Plaintiff is asking for two million. When it comes to sex, Judges have difficulty setting aside their personal feelings and ruling objectively.

If evidence proves a minor was involved, your toast. If the conduct was legal, but “gross”, even if true, you can usually win. Since everyone here were men and adults, Travolta will win.

Like a female rape victim decades ago, the Plaintiff attorney will relentlessly press Mr. Travolta for details regarding his past sex life- probably going back decades. Yes decades. I have seen forty-year olds interrogated about their college partying days. There will be countless men who will come forward about their anonymous “romance” with John Travolta in public places.

First, he will defend by disputing the facts, i.e. he was in New York on the date of the event. Then he will attack the Plaintiffs personally. He will scare the Plaintiffs to death. He will cause the Plaintiffs irreparable harm. The Plaintiffs will never recover from this incident.

The suits will be dismissed. The judge will close the case and call the next case.

The damage will remain for generations.

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