Judge Hunt Lifts the Recontrust Foreclosure Stay

February 4, 2011: Federal Judge Hunt overuled Parumph Judge Lane’s order halting Recontrust foreclosures. On January 31, 2011 Judge Hunt issued an order lifting the injunction which halted all Recontrust’s foreclosures. Recontrust is the company who helps Bank of America with their foreclosures. The injunction stopped about 10,000 foreclosures, for a while. But no longer.

In his order, Judge Hunt states, “The ever expanding body of case law within this district holds that the Nevada law governing non-judicial foreclosure NRS 107.080, does not require a lender to produce the original note, nor does it require that Reconstrust be substituted as trustee under the deed of trust as prerequisites to non-judical foreclosure proceedings.”

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