Lease Your House to Us Before You Walk Away

If you are a homeowner (or know one) and are considering walking away from your home consider leasing it to us first. We are interested in renting out houses or condominiums from homeowners who have decided to abandon their homes. They may have tried loan modifications or short sales, or maybe they are just giving up and moving away. They may be investors who are walking away from their investment properties. They may have already vacated the house, or they may be thinking about it. For whatever reason, they are leaving the house.

We will lease out your house from you and pay you a monthly rent, plus we will pay an immediate up-front payment, in cash, to you of $1,500.

You will receive money up-front, plus monthly rent until the bank takes over the lease. We will make sure the house is maintained and occupied so you and your lender won’t have to worry about your home being vacant. Your neighbors will no longer have to worry about another vacant house destroying their neighborhood.

Just sign the lease, give us the keys and take your cash and tell us where to send your monthly rental check. You can move on to another house in Las Vegas, or move out of the state altogether.

We are accepting homes before or even after receiving Notices of Default (NOD), but before the Notice of Trustee Sale. If you are walking away from your house or know of someone who is, call us to collect cash on your way out.

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