Foreclosure Mediation for 750.00 Flat Rate

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If you want to stay in your home, Mediation may result in a mortgage loan negotiation so that you can keep your home; or if you are upside down on your mortgage and are considering walking away from your home, Mediation may result in preserving your credit, obtaining more time in your house to arrange to move out, and preventing your lender from suing you for a deficiency judgment after your home is sold.


$750 Flat Rate:

– We work with you to schedule the time, place and date of the Mediation session;
– We evaluate your mortgage documents, financial situation and your personal goals (loan modification or leaving the home);
– We work with you to develop a negotiation strategy to meet your goals;
– We prepare the pre-mediation legal documents and submit them to lender’s attorney or representative, and a copy to mediator;
– An attorney from our office attends the mediation session with you and negotiates a final settlement; and
– We prepare the final settlement documents and obtain signatures from all parties for a final legally binding resolution.
– Any post-mediation work is billed separately.
The Mediator will require a $200.00 fee for their services.

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2 thoughts on “Foreclosure Mediation for 750.00 Flat Rate

  1. I received a letter dated on 04/06/2009 that” NOTICE OF BREACH AND DEFAULT AND OF ELECTION TO CAUSE SALE OF REAL PROPERTY UNDER DEED OF TRUST”. I tried to do modification with lender several times. But only one time they give me a afftable mortgage instalement with a tryal period,but it was cancled by them because of their mistake. They said when they calculated our income,it’s done erroneously. I already given to short sale.It’s not yet approved.
    Now can I apply for mediation?

  2. I am just in the beginning stages of default (2 months behind)on my primary residence, 80/20 5 year ARM, original purchase money loan. Among other hardship issues and the amount my condo is underwater, I now have a fiance who is also underwater, but we plan to keep her home as it has more potential for recovery. I am trying to do the right thing and short sale my property but the way these lenders are handleing short sales, I’ll likely end up in foreclosure mediation negotiating a DIL with no deficiencies. (these lenders aren’t getting it)Anyway, at what point do I need to get you involved in order to prepare for mediation?

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