New Program to Speed ‘Short’ Sales

Short sales are a valuable tool for struggling homeowners. But they’ve been notoriously difficult to complete, with buyers and sellers often playing a long waiting game before hearing back from lenders states an article in the Wall Street Journal.

Now, however, a new government program plus some lender initiatives may make for shorter wait times and a smoother process. “Any structure is better than what we’ve had,” says Kathryn Bovard, a broker/manager for Prudential Americana Group in the Las Vegas area.

The government’s Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) program goes into effect April 5.

“It’s an extension of [the Home Affordable Modification Program] to provide a default solution before it gets to the worst,” says Arvin Wijay, chief executive of Retreat Capital, a provider of products and services that facilitate short-sale management and loan modifications. If the borrower doesn’t qualify for a modification, loan servicers will then assess the possibility of a short sale through the HAFA program.

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