Nobody cares about your stupid divorce drama



You have a lot of people who have been keeping every love note and taking pictures on everyone’s phones of all the sexy texts, and thinking that this is going to be this whole big thing,” she told Business Insider. “They come into my office with all their proof of this affair, and they’re like, ‘Wait ’til the judge sees this!’ And I’m like, ‘Not only will the judge not see this, but if they did, they wouldn’t even blink.’

For the parties involved, divorce proceedings are all about the tough, emotional details that caused their marriage to crumble. But to a judge, it’s business, another day on the job. The court doesn’t care if your husband slept with your best friend or if you caught your wife sneaking off to meet another man at motel — and that can be a difficult pill to swallow.

“A judge is going to care more about a good financial statement than a picture of someone going out of a motel,” he told Business Insider. “It all comes down to the basics of the dollars and cents.” Business Insider Reports

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