Real Estate is a hotbed for different types of litigation. Real Estate is often viewed as a most valuable asset of a person or company. As such, real estate involves high financial stakes to all parties.

Real Estate litigation spills over into many other aspects of litigation. Construction related lawsuits are the most prominent, and our Firm also handles those cases. Since real estate investment often involves substantial outlay of money, it is an area where people have great incentive to cheat a partner or other party out of their money. This can involve stolen equity, fraudulent deed transfers, illicit collection of rent, or even conduct which denies another party the income from real estate. To certain unscrupulous investors and parties, a person’s money is fair game to stealthily overreach. Other such real estate litigation can involve Friends and Family Fraud, as also noted in this site, where those closely tied to each other by trust in family or friendship get taken advantage of in a jointly owned property.

Another major example of a far-reaching real estate scam is one where underneath the veneer of a legitimate investment vehicle lies a “Ponzi Scheme.” This is where an investor commits his/her funds to a “manager” or agent of a company who promises a certain high rate of return secured by investments in real estate. While the company may start by paying the promised rate of return, over time the company defaults on that obligation, said payment eventually falls away, and the investor hears nothing on where the principal investment went. The disappearance of that principal and the underlying agreement then becomes the issue in the lawsuit.

Moreover, both developers and professional purchasers of Real Estate can engage against in conduct against certain consumer sellers of their homes that effectively steal away years of equity that the consumer has steadily built up. Real Estate scammers come in the form of brokers, sellers, or buyers of property, or even “foreclosure rescue” outfits.