Remarriage offsets the negative impact of divorce- cohabitating does not

Divorce is horrid.

But getting married- again, usually eliminates the long-term consequences of divorce.

According to a white paper by the National Institute on Aging economic well-being in later life is linked to marital status— married older couples have higher incomes and greater wealth than those of unmarried individuals.

A change in marital status because of death or divorce can dramatically change a person’s financial situation. Remarriage, however,appeared to offset the negative impact of a marital dissolution, while just living together did not offset the negative impact. Cohabiting people had wealth reductions that were similar to those of their single counterparts.

The married are significantly more likely to be working than are their non-married counterparts. Conversely, unmarried individuals were more likely to be retired. Married people were less likely than unmarried people to report themselves as disabled, which may partially account for the continued participation of married people in the workforce at most ages.

As long as you keep getting married, you should be ok financially.

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