Should Divorce Be Harder?

Orange County Child Support LawsThere is a growing movement by politicians to make divorce more difficult. The idea is that no-fault divorce led to a dramatic increase in divorces since its passing in the 1970s. The hope is that by making divorce a hassle, or forcing couples to really think about what divorce means, the government can encourage/make more couples give up on the idea and recommit themselves to marriage.

The downside argument is that couples will remain in toxic marriages longer which seems valid. However, couples’ relationships after they divorce can be toxic as well, so divorce often does not end the toxic relationship.

Others claim that one of the reasons that marriage rates have dropped so dramatically in the past few decades is the fear of harm (especially financial harm) should the marriage end in divorce. When you make it harder to exit, you also make people reluctant to enter. In fact, the primary reason couples do not get married now is fear of divorce.

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