Sterling and NBA need to shut this thing down

Donald Sterling Balls UseAmericans cheered when Adam Silver fined Sterling 2.5 million, but is it possible that in his valiant proclamation, Silver may have unintentionally hung his owners out to dry? In an article by K.B. Blinn he wonders whether when the NBA urged the remaining NBA ownership to force a sale of the Clippers, did Silver inadvertently force a vote that the owners otherwise could have avoided for fear of the unwanted and possibly quite damaging consequences? Consequences of which some of the owners — most notably Mark Cuban — were aware?

Complicating matters, it’s already been proven in a court of law that Sterling hasn’t been. Yes, Elgin Baylor’s 2009 lawsuit was originally for wrongful termination and discrimination based partly on race. But Baylor later dropped the race claims, and more than that, the jury in the case ruled unanimously in Sterling’s favor.

If this is the judge’s interpretation again, Sterling seems to have a very real chance to win a lawsuit he levies against the NBA for breach of contract. I believe the other owners are aware of this, and I believe Adam Silver inadvertently put them between a crag and a jagged cliff.

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