Sterling has nothing to lose; the NBA has everything to lose.

Orange County Divorce AttorneyFor the handling of the Sterling fiasco, the NBA gets an “F”.Sterling is filthy rich and has just a few years left to live.  The NBA risks the uncovering of racist and sexist emails sent by its teams’ owners. The childish press conference responses that are nothing more than tit for tats, hasty decisions with no forethought, zero damage control and still fueling the fire with Anderson Cooper and Barbara Walters interviews will cause the NBA to settle this matter for large dollars and sooner rather than later.No doubt that Sterling already obtained dirt on the other NBA team owners that could put them out of business if the NBA uses the same standard to judge them as they used to judge him. The other NBA team owners are deleting e-mails and paying off informants that have information that they hold unpopular views.  The only solution now, is to find a buyer for the Clippers to pay top dollars with enough money left over to prevent the Sterlings from exposing not only other team owners, but NBA staff, all of whom made offensive private remarks at one time or another.

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