Supreme Court Appoints First Round of Foreclosure Mediators

las-vegas-mapThe Nevada Supreme Court has appointed the first 97 mediators for the Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program – a major step that will set the stage for the scheduling of the first mediations

The appointments came after the 97 attended sessions early in August and orientation sessions this week.

The 97 include former Supreme Court Justice Deborah Agosti and former District Court judges Robert Gaston, Robert Estes, and Leonard Gang. Also on the list are current State Bar of Nevada President Kathy England and former Nevada Supreme Court Clerk Janette Bloom.

Under Foreclosure Mediation Rules, once a homeowner and a lender submit documents and pay fees to initiate the mediation process, the case is assigned to a mediator who will schedule the actual mediation session.

Verise Campbell, Foreclosure Mediation Program Manager, said that more than 60 cases are ready to be assigned and it is hoped that mediations will be scheduled within the next few weeks.

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