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JULY 19, 2016.  The evil spirit jumped from me and into my ex wife! said the man to me while we sat side by side drinking beer at a Mexican bar in Ensenada, Baja California.

You see, the man said, I love chicas and I had an evil spirit inside of me.

– I swigged my bottle of Tecate lite, and encouraged him. He knew I was a divorce lawyer. We were safe in this bar: no terroists would blow up this place; the Ensenada cops don’t shoot you if you bribe them with 2 twenty dollar bills; and the cops here don’t get shot.

He told me his story: I loved my wife and I betrayed her time and time again. I knew it was wrong, I knew it was evil, I knew justice was waiting. I did evil.  It was unforgivable.  I demolished her. She demolished me. I apologized.

– I looked up at the list of food on the plaster wall behind the bar, I raised my eyebrows at the bartender, he lifted his head and made eye contact, “Dos tacos de pescado,” I ordered 2 fish tacos. The nice bartender smiled.

The man continued: The moment my ex wife discovered my secret life, the evil spirit of betrayal inside me, leaped out of me, and my ex wife sucked it deep into her soul, she embraced it, nurtured it and used it to demolish me and herself.

– With a flat smile, I nodded that I understand, I have compassion for you.

The evil spirt now inside her, made her furious at me and at herself said the man.  She felt entitled to revenge at all costs. With the help of others, my ex wife put her head down, her butt up, and charged at me like a bull hell bent on stabbing the bullfighter.  I stepped out of the way and in front of our son, but she still pierced my heart, and Bam! into the brick wall behind me.  Our son was safe!  The brick wall fell on everyone watching; hurting many and teaching all.

– I ate my fish tacos, put a cigarette in my mouth, the helpful bartender snapped open his metal lighter, a blue flame sprung up, I smelled kerosene.  He lit up my cig, just like America in the black and white 1950’s, when everyone smoked indoors.

My ex wife wanted it to be over, so did I, but the damage I caused plus the damage she caused, would take years to heal. The same amount of energy used to demolish each other, was required to recover.  Only now, we had no “evil spirit” to energize us.

– I sprinkled salt on the back of my hand, licked it up, sipped my lime-spiked beer and took a puff on my cigarette; I was in heaven. My face lit up and my expression conveyed to the man: Sir, I know your family will recover.

You think my ex wife and I will accept a good spirit to provide energy to rebuild the damage caused by the evil spirt?

I said, “yes the good spirit is inside both of you now and has already began”.

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