Win lose or draw, the NBA will get a bloody nose

Donald Sterling Balls UseAt the end of the day, the NBA’s politically correct decision to oust Donald Sterling will cost it. What Donald Sterling did was wrong, but the NBA’s knee jerk reaction is already looking like it acted, well, hastily.

It is now Mrs. Sterling who is black mailing the NBA. The NBA is in the precarious position of avoiding trampling on Mrs. Sterling’s familial rights to her half community property ownership of the Clippers as I stated in this article. The threat of a Sterling divorce has already sent shivers down the NBA’s panicky spine. Once the family court retains jurisdiction over the Clippers, the game goes into overtime. Family court rulings supersede all other courts. A Sterling divorce or even a mere separation filing would last at least five years, unless of course the NBA plays nice in which case the Sterling’s would magically reunite and call off the divorce.

Surprise surprise- the whistleblower/muse Ms. Stiviano is under criminal investigation for allegedly extorting by demanding money in return for keeping more audio recordings secret … we all new this, right? Black mail is a dime a dozen these days with the ease of publishing dirty linen online. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ A senior investigator for the L.A. County D.A.’s Bureau of Investigation contacted Shelly Sterling Tuesday … asking for an interview in connection with the extortion investigation. Donald Sterling gave an interview last week … telling a magazine,”I wish I had just paid her off.” The NBA’s star witness, Ms. Stiviano, was arrested at least four times in the last ten years. This doesn’t condone what he did, but things are getting messy. The NBA’s lawyers are neither young nor dumb, so they knew this was going to happen, right?

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