The Other Women movie is Fatal Attraction Inverted

Cameron-Diaz-Set-Other-Woman-PicturesA wife, and two mistresses obsess over a man who lied to them. They lie, cheat and break the law in the name of revenge against this liar and cheat. Since they are victims, it is justified. I’m not sure if this Sex in the City movie makes man haters feel good or simply confirms a mans belief that scorned women are satan.

Cameron Diaz is the shrill girlfriend lawyer, Leslie Mann is the ditz wife and Kate Upton is the “well endowed” hottie in a bikini. Since Kate only had two lines, I presume the Director Nick Cassavetes casted Kate for two “big” reasons.

Infidelity is bad, but these “sisters” are neither feminists nor empowered. The evil spirit inside the cheating husband jumps out of him and lands in the hearts of the three furious women causing them to follow this man around the world because he betrayed them.

The film, in an attempt to celebrate female bonding against a common enemy, ironically stereotypes scorned women as hell bringers. Feminists may feel good that the man pays for his affairs, but the women are not strong; they are weak, since they mask the pain of betrayal by getting drunk and seeking revenge. The three women ruin the man financially, but take it a step too far and perpetuate America’s obsession with violence against men. The end scene involves the man being punched in the face and walking through a glass window causing bodily harm. That is not funny but just plain brutal. I give it a 3.

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