The Sterling’s Divorce will ruin the Clippers

Orange County Ca mapNow that the Sterling’s are divorcing, a family law court will take jurisdiction over the Clippers. An immediate automatic restraining order will arise prohibiting the liquidation of any and all assets including the Clippers. The family law court will prohibit the NBA or any party other than Mr. and Mrs. from entering the court room or filing a single paper with the court. Family law is for families only with virtually no exceptions. The NBA will have no choice but to watch the debacle unfold over the internet.

Family court is well known for having “difficulties” preserving assets and many divorcees end up bankrupt. A family law court may have no idea whatsoever how to handle an asset like the clippers but it must at least try. The court will rely on a receiver, but ultimately the court cannot take into consideration the collateral damage to third parties including the NBA, and instead the court will do what is in the best interest of the parties even if outsiders are damaged beyond repair.

The NBA is walking on thin ice and will need tons of luck to come out on top of this divorce.

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