Women employees still prefer male bosses

A new Pew poll women are the most likely to say they prefer a male boss, according to Gallup. Though half of men (51%) say they have no preference for the gender of their boss, only 32% of women agree. Fully 40% of women say they prefer a male boss compared with 27% who say they prefer a female boss, while 29% of men say they would prefer a male boss, compared with 18% who prefer a female boss.

Female bosses

This squares with the findings of a 2013 Pew Research Center survey. About three-quarters of men and women who are currently employed or have ever worked say they have no preference for working mostly with men or working mostly with women. Of those who do have a preference, though, both genders are more likely to prefer to work with men — a view that is especially pronounced among female employees.

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