You can tell a good trial attorney by the way she puts on her jacket

A long time ago, a young soon to be lawyer moved to Mission Viejo after graduating from law school in San Diego. He took the July bar exam and began working for a personal injury Attorney in Newport Beach. The Newport Beach law partner liked the young law clerk and the partner even offered to rent the young law clerk one of the partner’s several one bedroom condos he owned. The young law clerk accepted and lived there many years.

The young law clerk worked hard and did good work, but one day in October the partner of the law firm called the young law clerk into his office to fire him. The young law clerk was surprised because he did good work and couldn’t understand why- so he asked the partner, “why?”

“See that pen in your pocket,” answered the partner, “clerks where pens in their pockets, I buy shirts without pockets.” The young law clerk looked at the partner’s monogramed shirt and confirmed that indeed there were no pockets.

The partner continued, “You can tell a good trial attorney by the way he puts on his jacket, this business is about image.”

The young law clerk said, “Fine, I will be successful without you.” The partner proceeded to fire the young law clerk. The young clerk learned his lesson, albeit it sucked. He improved his image and now he keeps pens in his pants pocket or brief case where they cannot be seen. The young law clerk became an attorney and moved on to start his own successful law firm without that son-of-a-gun.

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